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Debbie R. Hamburg, NY - Aug 25, 2021

Fantastic! Fox's Deli values their Customers and runs a Deli to be proud of - great food, great service!!! Due to policy constraints, I can only provide individual meals for my Customer lunches - Shelly individual wrapped and labeled all my meals, and special-labeled the added side meals I needed for my special guests. He went ABOVE & BEYOND for me and my Customers I had to serve (who also love & requested Fox's Deli BTW). I will definitely use Fox's Deli for future needs and spread the word. So... how is the food??? Amazing! From the feedback I received - DELICIOUS... from my own tasting?... not a crumb left behind!!! I have to add, he kept MY budget in mind in my choices, who does that anymore - he cares all the way around, and it is evident! Dolly's my new favorite sandwich, and my next trip, I just may stop in to try that Reuben I've heard so much about!! You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!

Carol P Greece, NY - Aug 16, 2015

Wow!  Fox's is fantastic ~ the food is delicious, the menu is so entertaining to read, the entire staff is very kind AND we had the pleasure of meeting Shelly (he's not chopped liver!).  All four of us ordered something different and we were all thrilled.  We will be going back there very soon to work our way through the entire scrumptous menu. Don't forget to check out the great T shirts and other fun stuff for sale.  



Seford O. Leesburg, FL - Mar 7, 2015

Stopped by while riding the Erie Canal with my friend Gretchen.  She said it was the best deli in Rochester.  Boy was she right.  Had a Reuben sandwich that was piled high with meat.  The toasted rye was great.  All in in it took two hands to hold this monster.  Then I teased the waitress about the lack of meat.  She said someone recently finished a double sandwich.  Hard to believe.  Also ordered a cup of Dads home made chowder and again stepped in it as I asked if "Dad really made it"  our waitress a lovely young girl informed me that her dad did in fact make the soup.  It was delicious.   

Next time I get to Rochester  will head to Fox's.  A great place.

Eric A. Stroudsburg, PA - Mar 7, 2015

All I can say is "wow" I really enjoyed this place!  The sandwich I had was absolutely fantastic! I would tell you the name of it but can't remember as there were so many things and unique names on the menu.

The person I was with said the food was always good and they had never had a bad meal.  The hours are short so make sure you check them prior to heading out for it.  The service was really good as well, quick, attentive and friendly.

This will end up being a spot for me any time I am in the area.

Dan F. Spring, TX - Mar 7, 2015

I have literally been coming here my whole life.  I have never had a bad meal, service is great and food is like nothing else.  Fill your belly with family, eat here.

I had three corned beef sandwiches on a tootsie, like nothing else anywhere.  Loved it!

Darryl H. Fairport, NY - Mar 7, 2015

Solid Jewish style deli in Rochester... started with the "family recipe" chopped liver ap - it was REALLY good, nice liver flavor, finely chopped egg, a great starter for this kinda place.  Lots of sandwich choices, as long as you like Corned Beef and/or Pastrami (they have others too but these are heavily featured).  Each of the sandwiches have a "clever" name... The "Slaw and Order" came with corned beef, turkey, cole slaw and russian dressing on toast - it was nice.  I will definately go back often.

Alice B. Binghamton, NY - Mar 7, 2015

The people are quick to take your order, very personable and friendly, and efficient when it gets crowded for the lunch rush.

This is a GREAT place to grab a sizable sandwich of high quality. I really enjoy the names they've given to each sandwich, and will be standing waiting for my order and laughing at the menu as I read through.

Their signature for the sandwich is pretty much serve it on rye with coleslaw and russian dressing. It certainly does the trick! I also really enjoy their option for an apple instead of chips.

I've only been twice and am already a die hard fan.
Thank you Fox's!

Michael S. San Francisco, CA - Mar 7, 2015

Very good deli sandwiches and soups in a casual setting. The warm pastrami is excellent. The freshly roasted turkey is hard to beat.

Arnie S. Center Valley, PA - Mar 7, 2015

Stopped on our way though to pennsylvania. Had the mishmash soup. It was a combination of matzoh ball,kreplach,noodles and rice. Just right for a rainy afternoon. Also had pastrami on rye. Bread was made there and the real thing. Waitresses also the real thing

Stanely M. Pittsford, NY - Mar 7, 2015

What??? I haven't reviewed Fox's yet? For shame... this is one of my favorite spots to go to for lunch. The menu is so vast & packed with goodies. Where to begin? First off, if you just want a deli sandwich, they're right up there with the best in the area. Where they REALLY shine, however, is the other items on the menu. Great Reuben sandwich, hot corned beef, & I love their southwestern sandwich (which is a turkey Reuben) and, of course, the aptly named Everybody Loves Ryeman.

What really get's my motor started is the burgers... very tasty! If you want some added starch, their french fries are a treat as well. While I'l avoiding potatoes these days, I can't help stealing a few from my lunch partner's plate when they're not looking! Soups are always a pleasure here as well.. the soup of the day varies, but standards like Matzo ball soup & Mish-Mosh are on daily. 

I can't help but order a can of Dr. Brown's cream soda with my meal... just too good. Can you tell I'm thinking about lunch @ 9:30 in the morning? I am so there...

Jessica S. Webster, NY - Mar 7, 2015

Loved it!! I knew that had been in business a long time and I see why. Everything was homemade and super tasty. I took my parents there and they both really enjoyed their lunch. Our order included tomato soup, a chicken salad sandwich,an  egg salad sandwich, and the Reuben. All tasty, and reasonably priced. Great lunch spot and I will definitely be returning!

Mary D Webster, NY - Mar 7, 2015

Had lunch here today, terrific food. I had the egg salad sandwich on multigrain bread and a cup of the cold borscht with sour cream. My son ordered clam chowder and a chicken salad on rye with bacon on top with caramelized onions. Everything was wonderful, the egg salad reminded me of my mother's cooking, everybody was friendly including a very pleasant waitress.

Trisha G. Rochester, NY - Mar 7, 2015

This is a great spot for lunch and my biggest complaint is that they aren't open for dinners! I've had the pleasure of dining here and ordering takeout on many occasions over the years since my office is very closeby. This review will focus on the vegetarian and fish items, but my coworkers rave about the reuben and everyone loves ryeman sandwiches. The "Cheesy like Sunday Morning" grilled cheese is just dynamite if you like mustard and onions. It's the perfect hearty meal for a cold winter day in Rochester, especially if you visit on a Friday and order a cup of the clam chowder which is really excellent. One of the best chowders in the area along with the Crab Shack (not Joe's Crab Shack). The vegetarian sandwiches are all really good, the salads are plentiful, and the desserts are fantastic especially the cannoli! The staff are really friendly and quick since this place is accustomed to dealing with the lunch rush. You can eat a sit down meal here and be out the door within 30 minutes, although if you arrive at noon during the rush hour, you may sometimes have to wait for a table.

Marty R. Providence, RI - Mar 7, 2015

This is a really cute Jewish-turned-modern restaurant that is perfect for a business lunch. Meaty sandwiches, fantastic soups, and fast service.

All meals are disguised in pop culture references and puns that your quirky Jewish uncle would love. Names like "Everybody Loves Ryeman," "Silence of the Hams," and my personal favorite: "Slaw and Order," add an uncanny humor to your lunch options.

Slaw and Order was a turkey, pastrami mix with cole slaw and Russian dressing. Meat was plentiful and the seemingly awkward combination worked to the sandwich's advantage. French fries are also worth a try, but you'll have to pay $3.25 extra, because you can't sub them in for chips. 

The cabbage soup is also a classic. A sweet combination of tomato soup with cabbage and some other secret ingredients make this one of the best soups I've had. 

Service was fast, friendly, and helpful. 5/5 stars.

Liz R. Tahoe City , CA - Mar 7, 2015

We decided to stop in for lunch. We sat down immediately - the staff was nice. Fox's has a HUGE selection of hot & cold sandwiches (including burgers) - along with a slew of classic Jewish deli small dishes, soups and desserts. 
I had the Risky Brisket - the caramelized onions were so good. The serving was huge, and it comes with chips. Of course, we didn't shy away from the side of Cajun fries - which were cooked perfectly! Three of us were able to share one serving of them.
We grabbed some Canolis on the way out.